IB Runs

IB Runs is a fundraising event hosted by CBS’ International Business student union, IB Union.

IB has a competitive study environment with a strong focus on personal and academic achievements. The students share a motivation and passion for their work, and act all together as a supportive and encouraging community where we can inspire and help each other.   In an environment where performance is the overarching focus, good physical health is an absolute necessity to ensure excellent academic results.

Purpose · Vision · Collaboration



To give IB Union a higher purpose and show that our community’s initiative extends beyond its limits. 
The purpose is to provide a platform for charity, as a way for IB students to dedicate themselves to a new benevolent cause every year.


We wish to integrate IB Runs from September 2021, and as an annual event in the years to come. 
IB Runs is meant to expand the scope of IB union beyond CBS. A new event to raise money for a good cause and promote a healthy lifestyle among IB Students. 



IB Union is looking for partners within logistics/donations for IB Runs. Companies looking to expand their CSR portfolio and create a great image for IB students.

Our cause

We are truly excited to arrange the first IB Runs and make it recurring event for future students. The main goal for IB Runs to raise money for a good cause and promote a healthy lifestyle among IB Students. Future IB Runs will each be a fundraiser for a different cause.

IB Runs for Mental Health 2021

The goal of this year’s fundraiser is for IB students to raise a minimum of 10,000 DKK in donation to the
Danish mental health NGO, Psykiatrifonden.

Why mental health?

The motivation to raise mental health awareness stems from its core role in the essence of performance. Whether it’s performing well in self-care or academically, mental health is the vital muscle for success. The choice of charity, mental health, is due to the exceptional strains of distress COVID-19 has put everyone through. The amount of anxiety, depression and other mental illness diagnoses has increased exponentially over the course of the pandemic, thus the importance and relevance. The IB programme is one of the most vigorous programmes in Denmark, with students often working part time in equally stressful jobs. Promoting physical health is crucial for the well-being of IB students.



The fundraiser will be based in the green areas of Porcelænshaven, where IB Union will manage the charity run and provide the best possible energy for everyone. 

Route & Checkpoints

There is one route of 3.6 km with four checkpoints circling the outskirts of Frederiksberg have. An IB Union board member will be at each check point to provide water, snacks, and any needed assistance that might occur during the run.
Each runner can decide for themselves whether they want to run a single lap, or more. At the end of every lap, you get a stamp on a personal card received before the beginning of the run.


Prior to the event you will have to register to participate. More information will follow closer to the event date.


We will hand out small prizes during the day.