IB Dinners

IB Dinners is a social event exclusively for IB Students. The aim of the IB Dinners is to improve social, networking and cooking skills with this both fun & social activity across the years of IB.

The IB Dinners are held 4 times a year, once every quarter, and is hosted and managed by the IB Union.
The concept is to sign up to the event either as a host or a guest. If you want to become a host, you would have to state how many guests you are able to host for.
After the sign-up process, groups will be randomly distributed by the IB Union to fit to the capacity of the different hosts. A couple of days prior to the event, the groups will be published, and each host has a responsibility to create a Facebook group/chat for the attendees to coordinate the plan (address, what to bring etc.). It is optional for the host if he/she wants to show off their amazing cooking skills, wants the meal to be cooked jointly in the group, or ordered from outside.

After having enjoyed the evening together in the groups, the party is then moved to a joint location afterwards where everyone can meet and talk about their evening while enjoying the rest of the night in good company.

How do I sign up?

Prior to an IB Dinner – an event will be created by the IB Union as well as an official posts in all IB Groups by a member of the IB Union. In the event/post there will be a link to the website where you are able to sign up either as a host or a guest. Afterwards (unless you have to cook as a host) you just lean back and wait until you are contacted by your host with further instructions (meeting time, address, as well as what to bring etc.)

NB: Vegetarians has to state during the sign up process (Vegetarian / Not vegetarian). They will again be equally distributed among others – and information as well as inspiration for meals will be provided to those who ask for it.

Conditions of signing-up