The Board of IB Union

Mathilde Juul Jørgensen


Oliver Hoxer-Marhauer

Vice President

A two man army?

No, don’t worry, we are a few more. We are just a bit shy in front of the camera. But we’re working on it. You will soon be the lucky one to see the outcome of a very intense photoshoot. 

The work of IB Union

A passionate and ambitious team that works to improve the student life on IB

The Union works to educate IB students through educational events such as case competitions and collaboration with company partners. Additionally, the union focuses particularly on facilitating social interaction between the different years of IB, through events like the annual Gala and IB dinners.
IB Union consists of five branches:
Academic · Events · Partnership · SoMe · Finance.

Our Members

Why IB Union?

Tore Frederiksen

“Among many other things, IB Union bridges the gap between different years of IB students with their incredible social and academic events. They really strive and succeed in creating the best social and academic atmosphere for the students”

Tore Overgaard Frederiksen

Social Media Ambassador