The Union consist of a board involving two Presidents, hereof one for the Academic Union and one for the Social Union. Each of these sub-unions has an associate who manages the sub-union’s activities. Each Union focuses on different aspects of the IB experience in order to make your overall bachelor experience the best possible.

Our Valuable Team Members

Lena-Sophie Boerries
Lena-Sophie BoerriesPresident of the Social Union
I’m Lena, and I am The President of the Social Union. I’m a California raised German who is passionate about making an impact in our community from IB and beyond.
Sofia Svanqvist
Sofia SvanqvistPresident of the Academic Union
I’m Sofia and I am The President of the Academic Union and I am so thankful to do this with my partner Lena and toghether with our dreamteam. Skiing in the alps, which includes dancing at après-ski, and doing yoga is two of my favourite things to do. Motto in life? ”Dream big, work hard and challange yourself, always”.
Don’t hesitate to reach to me if you want to discuss future ideas for the union over a coffee!
Frederik Bech
Frederik BechAcademic Ambassador
I’m Frederik and I’m 21 years old. As the Academic Ambassador, I should be your favourite person in IB Union as I strive towards improving every IB student’s academic results. If you have done well at an exam or if you have written the best notes in the world for a subject, reach out to me, so we can help other students at IB. Sharing is caring.
Sophie Amalie Andersen
Sophie Amalie AndersenDigital and IT specialist
My name is Sophie, and my life motto is it can easily go well – same Christoffer and I are hoping for while updating the webpage for IB union
Christoffer Dyran
Christoffer DyranDigital and IT specialist
My name is Christoffer, I am 20 years and I think I drink more Coke Zero than most people drink water. I will be responsible for the IB Union webpage together with Sophie, so you can expect a lot of new features on the webpage, once we’re done watching YouTube videos about how to maintain a website 😉
Mia Luna Ambrosius Aagaard
Mia Luna Ambrosius AagaardPartnership Relations
My name is Mia Luna, I’m 20 years old, and I joined IB Union mainly because it is awesome but also so i have a legitimate reason to drink on a regular basis. In IB Union I am Head of Partnership Relations – so hit me up if you want to be our sponsor of beer:)
Victoria Kenney
Victoria KenneyLead Event Coordinator
Hi, I am Vici and I am 20. Guess what – I am your event coordinator, which is no surprise when considering the one half of my background, German. My British one is revealed on the dance floor. Any suggestions for new venues? Shoot Tobias or me a message.
Tobias Løvkvist Bidstrup
Tobias Løvkvist BidstrupLead Event Coordinator
My name is Tobias, I’m 20 years old, and I have watched the entire How I Met Your Mother series 5 times – that is 21,600 minutes. I’m responsible for the IB Union events together with Victoria – so if you have any criticism, reach out to Victoria ASAP 😉
Mette Reinhard Nielsen
Mette Reinhard NielsenMarketing & Communications
My name is Mette and I am 22 years old. I enyoy the small pleasures in life – especially those at ‘Mad og Kaffe’ which a little too often results in me having too much month at the end of my money. Rest assured, I will not be in charge of the finances, but rather the marketing and communications at IB Union – see you on snapchat!