Former members of IB union

Gustav Bachmann
Gustav BachmannPresident - Social Union
Caretaker of all events and overall management of the IB Union. Formal goal is to ensure that structures and procedures are in place for effective recruitment, training, and evaluation of the members of IB Union.
Gabi Marekova
Gabi MarekovaHead of Marketing
Jacob Stitz
Jacob StitzHall of Fame
Frederik Lyndrup Petersen
Frederik Lyndrup PetersenHead of Events
Advising and improving events hosted by the IB Union. Responsible of gathering response from the participants to present for the Union. Supporting function of new initiatives for the Union.
Stig Anker Fremmelev
Stig Anker FremmelevPresident - Academic Union
Equal associate with the Social President in achieving the organization’s Goals and overall mission. In charge of all Academic Activities for the IB programme as well as all communication with Partners/Sponsors.
Mikkel Duif
Mikkel DuifHall of Fame
Peter Holt Theisen
Peter Holt TheisenHead of Partners
Advising the board on how to carry out its financial responsibilities with acquiring new sponsors for the Union as well as supporting and supervising the head of staff in achieving common goals.