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Our Dedicated Team

Here you have the chance to meet the members of the team as well as getting informed about the various areas that each member are in charge of.

The Union consists of a board chaired by one President and one Vice-President. There are four departments who manage different sectors within the organization. Despite that, all of the departments have one main goal – to provide the best experience as possible to every single IB student.


PresidentChristoffer Dyran
Christoffer is a 2nd year student. As President of IB Union, he is taking IB Union to the next level through the supervision of a dedicated, hard working and fun team. Christoffer chose to join IB Union last year, mainly because he was very curious and fascinated about IB Union’s influence on the overall social and academic experience of IB. He wanted to be a part of that and help make the three years of IB the best as possible. Rest assured that the journey of IB Union has only just begun, he is very honored of being part of this student union with such an amazing team alongside.
Advisory Member
Advisory MemberTobias Løvkvist Bidstrup
Tobias is a 2nd year student. As advisory member, he is responsible for lifting IB Union to the next level, alongside with the amazing team of this so crucial school year for the continuous development of the student union. Tobias chose to join IB Union because he cares about both the social and academic environment in IB, and it is important to him that the team creates an uplifting environment in all aspects. For the upcoming year, he assures to every single IB student a union that will most likely resemble a bull on steroids – better and stronger than ever before.

Academic Department

Academic Ambassador
Academic Ambassador Celiane Lindestrøm
Celiane is a 1st year student. She joined IB Union as an Academic Ambassador with the aim of improving and maintaining the academic and social culture amongst fellow IB’ers. She thinks that all of the students have a lot to offer, and thinking of it in good old business terms: IB’ers = Strong inputs! Celiane urges everyone to therefore create the maximal amount of common IB output in both the short and long run.
Fun fact: Celiane is bad at analogies but she still likes making them anyways…
Academic Ambassador
Academic AmbassadorAnders Dupont
Anders is a 1st year student he is currently 20 years old. He is part of the academic department in IB Union, and he joined the student union because he wanted to make the student life at IB the best student life at CBS.
Anders hopes that he can contribute making the students’ times at IB the time of their lives. He is willing to strive to help IB’ers not only to get a social network, but also to create the best IB academic network possible, so that everyone can succeed together. Anders looks forward to create great events for the IB’ers all year long.
Academic Ambassador
Academic AmbassadorAugust Solliv
August is a 1st year student and one of the academic ambassadors here at IB Union. He wanted to join the union because he thought that it would be a great way to give back to the IB community and help people out with the time left from his IB’er busy schedule.
Fun fact: August was once the biggest fan of ”Say yes to the dress”, but don’t judge him.

Social Department

Event Coordinator
Event CoordinatorGustav Lassen
Gustav is a 1st year student.
He is part of the amazing social department of IB Union.
This, of course, means that if in doubt of where to go for a drink or two, Gustav will be the best person to hit up.
He chose to join IB union so that he could be part of helping every IB’er to have the best time possible – both socially and academically.
He warns you to be prepared for awesome events this year.
Event Coordinator
Event CoordinatorCaroline Ballermann
Caroline is 21 years old, she is a 1st year student and she was born and raised in Nordens Paris. As some will definitely know, Nordens Paris is home to the world famous party street, Jomfru Ane Gade. Therefore, Caroline tells people not to worry. As one of the new social event coordinators, and with the alcoholic beverages running in her veins, she will make sure that people will all go unz while “phoning” each other on floor.
Gala Responsible
Gala ResponsibleAnastasia Lihn
Anastasia is a 1st year student and she is currently 19 years old. She joined IB Union because she wanted to make life as an IB student even more awesome. Together with Caroline and Gustav (dreamteam), she is responsible for events. Moreover, she is in charge of the IB Gala 2020 – so, if you have any suggestions for the Gala, don’t hesitate to reach out to her. Her motto in life? Dream big, work hard and surround yourself with good people.

Partnerships Department

Partnership Coordinator
Partnership CoordinatorWilliam Dommerby Kristiansen
William is a 2nd year student. He joined IB Union since he wanted to contribute to IB’s amazing program, while, at the same time, having the perfect excuse for getting drunk at all the events. He will be co-responsible for partnerships, where the department hopes to get a ton of money for IB Union to host some incredible social and academic events. Anyone will most likely find him and the other coordinators begging for money at almost every company in Copenhagen.
Partnership Coordinator
Partnership CoordinatorAndrej Nikolic
Andrej is a 2nd year student. He joined IB Union not only because of the fact that he loves beer, but because he wanted to help making the social and academic life at IB as awesome as possible. Andrej will be co-responsible for partnerships, so hit him up if you’re well-connected – or if you just have money to spare.
Partnership Coordinator
Partnership CoordinatorAnders Glud Midtgaard
Anders is a 2nd year student. During his first year at IB Union, he was truly excited about every event that IB Union organized and he knows that his peers from last year were as well. Anders decided to join IB Union as he wanted to make sure that all IB´’ers could take use of student union just as much as he have (and hopefully more). As one of the new Partnership Coordinators, he is responsible for securing funds, in order to make all of the goals for the year to come to reality. Feel free to make a donation for IB Union, as Anders will take very good care of the money.

Marketing Department

Marketing Coordinator
Marketing CoordinatorKatrine Overbye
Katrine is a 1st year student and she is part of the Marketing and Communications department here at IB Union. She chose to join the student union as she wanted to be part of the process of strengthening IB for all years. Therefore, she is very enthusiastic about her mission of taking IB Union to the next level. In specific to her department, she will be responsible for all of the communication aspects, so please feel free to tell her if the department is spamming way too much. All that she wants is for people to be happy at IB.
Marketing Coordinator
Marketing CoordinatorMarlena Elisabeth Luukkonen
Marlena is a 2nd year student. Being currently a 20 year-old Finnish, Marlena joined IB Union because she wanted to take the marketing efforts to the next level and make sure that every IB’er has an amazing overall experience. She is responsible for marketing and communications along with Katrine and Duarte, and together, they ensure that everyone gets informed about the events and other important information that only IB Union provides. While working on the new visual appearance of the union, Marlena reminds people to stay tuned and always remember to like, comment and share our posts.
IT & Digital Specialist
IT & Digital SpecialistDuarte Carrasco
Duarte (not Duarté, as he a Portuguese and not a Spaniard) is currently 19 years old and a 1st year student. He chose to be part of IB Union because he knew that the student union of his program would be the perfect place to start off his university experience and, furthermore, he thought that his social media and technology skills could not be wasted. Therefore, together with a brilliant team alongside, he is delighted to have a chance to work on the marketing department for IB Union, while at the same time managing the website and regularly updating its digital content.

Finance Department

TreasurerFrede Lindgren
Frede is a 2nd year student. He has joint IB Union as the treasurer and he will be in charge of the financials. He is very motivated for joining IB Union and he, alongside with the rest of the team, will make sure that the Union is upgraded to a whole new level, truly aligned with the IB spirit.

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