About Our Dedicated Team

Here you have the chance to meet the members of the team as well as getting informed about the various areas that each member are in charge of.

The Union consists of a board chaired by one President and one Vice-President. There are four departments who manage different sectors within the organization. Despite that, all of the departments have one main goal – to provide the best experience as possible to every single IB student.


Gustav Lassen
Gustav LassenPresident
Anders Dupont
Anders Dupont Vice President
Anders is the vice president of IB Union and is currently in his second year of IB. He really enjoys being part of this group, creating events to improve the social environment at IB. It has been a great challenge to overcome the corona crisis, and Anders argues that now IB Union’s events have proven to be more important than ever.

Event Team

Sandie Huang
Sandie HuangEvent Coordinator
Theodor Rosenberg
Theodor RosenbergEvent Coordinator
Jacob Holmgaard Andersen
Jacob Holmgaard AndersenEvent Coordinator

Academic Team

Celiane Lindestrøm
Celiane LindestrømAcademic Ambassador
Oliver Hoxer-Marhauer
Oliver Hoxer-MarhauerAcademic Ambassador
Emilie Brammer
Emilie BrammerAcademic Ambassador

Partnerships Team

Mathias Lauritsen
Mathias LauritsenPartnership Coordinator
Mathilde Juul Jørgensen
Mathilde Juul JørgensenPartnership Coordinator
Victoria Hedeby
Victoria HedebyPartnership Coordinator

Marketing Team

Cecilia Bergendahl
Cecilia BergendahlMarketing Coordinator
Katrine Overbye
Katrine OverbyeMarketing Coordinator
Caroline Kähler Mygind
Caroline Kähler MygindMarketing Coordinator
Caroline is at her first year of IB. She is part of IB Union’s Marketing Department, helping the Social Media with a creative touch. She is very eager to contribute to the social part, which was one of her reasons to contribute to IB’s social student union. You will always meet her with a big smile. Therefore, don’t be afraid to say ‘hello’ to Caroline, if you meet her on the hallway.
Jasper Stensballe
Jasper StensballeMarketing Coordinator

Special Operations

Alexander Wyne
Alexander WyneTreasurer
Duarte Carrasco
Duarte CarrascoIT & Digital Specialist
As a second year IB student, Duarte could not be more excited to be back as the IB Union’s exclusive IT & Digital Specialist. He loves being surrounded by ambitious and passionate people, and that’s why, even though pretty much engaged in Global SCLM, he continues making sure that IB Union’s website is as updated as possible. Even though Duarte loves learning Danish, please make sure to reach him in English as, just like he always tries to explain, learning Danish like learning two languages at the same time: “I am good at the writing one but terrible at the speaking other.”

Advisory Board

Tobias Løvkvist Bidstrup
Tobias Løvkvist BidstrupAdvisory Member
Christoffer Dyran
Christoffer DyranAdvisory Member

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