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The IB Union’s mission is to improve student life for students of the BSc in International Business at Copenhagen Business School. The union strives towards improving both academic and social skills of the IB students with various offers of both academic and social events and material resources for all IB’ers.

Autumn 2021 at CBS

CBS has made a plan for the 2021 autumn semester.

Our university knows from experience that the situation can change in a second, and that there is a risk its plan cannot be carried through. That is why CBS is currently working on both an expected plan and a backup plan for how teaching, exams and other activities will be carried out in the autumn semester 2021.

As much as possible on campus

CBS is planning the autumn semester on an expectation – and a great hope – that there will not be a requirement for distance this autumn.

In general, classes and exams will be conducted as normal. That is, both classes and exams will be on campus.

The same goes for activities and events – including study start activities.

Obviously, this plan requires that there are no restrictions on gatherings and no distancing requirements. If this is not the case, the university has already prepared a backup plan.

Backup plan for teaching

If the authorities reintroduce the 1 meter distancing requirement, it will mean that CBS will only be able to offer half of all classes on campus.

If this is the case, the university will divide all classes into two groups and offer teaching on campus for all students every other week in turns. Half of the class will be on campus for the teaching while the other half will follow the teaching from home as a livestream directly from campus.

IB Union understands that this form of hybrid teaching may have some academic and practical consequences, but, just as CBS, we believe this way will ensure that as many of us as possible will get the possibility to be on campus.

Backup plan for exams

To the extent possible, exams will be held on campus. If the authorities reintroduce the 1 meter distancing requirement, it will mean that the university cannot conduct all exams on campus, and CBS will have to convert some of them to online exams.

Consequently, all exams will be planned in a way that allows them to be converted to online exams quickly if necessary.

Stronger restrictions

If the authorities impose restrictions on gatherings or a 2 meters distancing requirement, it will mean that basically all teaching activities and exams will be online once again.

CBS is following the situation closely and will adjust its plans saccording to the guidelines and recommendations from the authorities.


Recently in the Union…

Recently, IB Union was thrilled to welcome Reinout Croon as the speaker for our second IB Xplores webinar – this week’s topic being Global Supply Chain Management.

IB students had the pleasure of listening to an expert in the field and apply their theoretical understandings to A.P. Moller – Maersk – a very relevant and well-known casestudy. Reinout Croon provided insight into the multifaceted roles of the supplychain manager from both the consumer and activity perspective, and emphasised the importance of integration and digitalisation in the processes constituting supply chain management. Reinout also addressed the ramifications of Covid-19 in the field – namely, the unpredictability and chaos it imposes on the supply- and demand-side – though also how to harness one’s management capabilities to make it through the storm.

And, perhaps, the most important takeaway students should remember when the time comes to embark on the next stage of their professional careers – “choose a company, which has the same values as yourself”.

Thank you, Reinout Croon, for the advice and for the fascinating insights you provided us with. And thank you for taking time out of your day to speak with us – these are invaluable learning opportunities.

In April of 2020, IB Union held the first of many future webinars as part of the new-found academic initiative – IB Xplores. The theme of the first webinar was Macroeconomics, and we had the pleasure of welcoming Michael Svarer as our speaker.

IB students gained insight into the impact of the coronavirus on the Danish economy and how corporations and the government are attempting to navigate through these times, with focus on mitigating the fallout of the lockdown on businesses and individuals. Michael also highlighted the important variation between sectors within the economy. It is clear that determining the appropriate stages of reopening the economy is no easy task, as the health and economic consequences of opening the various sectors must be carefully weighed, to determine what presents most economic value with the most limited danger.

In February of 2020, IB Union had the pleasure of hosting the IB Alumni event 2020 – Ups & Downs. The evening was filled with valuable career advice, interesting career stories, laughter and networking. We were happy to hear the experiences of Anders Philip Skovsgaard Valentin, Frederikke B. Kaysen, Kim Rants and Martin Collignon, four IB alumni, while gaining many insights and (hopefully) learning from their advice.

Everyone appreciated the different perspectives, whether those were due to different industry experiences or challenges the speakers had faced. The personal angle of these career stories was truly something unique. Some key points made during the evening were to pursue the things that make us happy, to have a plan b and to trust our instincts.

We would like to say a special thank you to our amazing sponsors who made the evening possible, The LEGO Group, KPMG and Djøf. Through our sponsors we got to hear about the services offered by these companies.

Thank you again to our academic team for working hard in order to make this evening a possibility, Celiane Bjørn Lindestrøm, Anders Dupont and August Solliv!


Earlier on, it was that time of the quarter again… the first IB Dinner of the semester, the year and the decade, and everyone was extremely excited!

Once again we partnered up with The Zoo and secured the best possible deal for everyone. On top of that, everyone had the chance to win some alcohol! This time, every dinner was assigned a theme for their dinner, and they had to send us a picture of their group before a certain time.

The winners were selected and they received alcohol at The Zoo. Everyone had a great time and we are looking forward to seeing you again next time!

In January of 2020, the first IB Friday Bar was held to ensure that the IB’ers going on the ski trip were prepared, and everyone was, of course, more than welcomed.

Wearing the best after ski wear (no less had been allowed) and showing us how you would convince the French at La Folie Douce that Danes (and international IB’ers!) party the best, were the main goals behind such event that ended up being on point. All kinds of skiwear were accepted, there wasn’t discrimination between Helly Hansen, Salomon, SOS, Kari Traa, Odlo, etc. IB Union just wanted you to feel prepared for the trip of the year, and, at the end of the game, our mission was accomplished!

In December of 2019, IB Union hosted an insightful event with one of the largest professional service firms in the entire world, namely PwC.

We were honored that former IB students from such a large organization took their time out of their busy schedules to partner up with IB Union to inspire students, We got an inside in how PwC finds new talent and how we should handle future job interviews.

A huge thank you to Christine Nordam Andersen for arranging the event and to the speakers Anders Rona Duer, Cecilie Glamann, and Johannes Zwicky for taking time out of your day to come and talk to us. We very much appreciate your efforts!


What to wait for?

IB Gala is the largest IB event of the year inviting every IB’er to an exclusive ceremony with beautiful cocktail dresses, suits, 3-course dinner, champagne, photographers, awards and surroundings only an IB’er worthy. The IB Gala aims to give the IB’ers a change to show off their nicest outfits enjoying a nice meal jointly with all IB’ers across the three years.

How do I sign up?

A Facebook event is always created one month and a half before the IB Gala. Stay tuned to our social networks, so you won’t miss out any important deadlines.


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